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Note: This post will be updated regularly–scroll down for links to articles I’ve published elsewhere.

As you may have noticed, I enjoy being a generalist in the field of content marketing and web design. Everything I create, curate, strategize, and design is intended to add value and guarantee a great experience for the user, the reader, the consumer. Having focused on branding myself as a marketer, I stopped calling myself a writer somewhere along the way. Today I proudly assert that I am a writer, that writing is my native media for storytelling, and that I’ve always been a writer even as my career path has curved.

From journalism to technical writing and social media updates, writing is integral to any brand, and even more so now that brands are publishers. As a content marketer, I write and edit articles related to various industries. As a freelance writer I’m more focused on the niches that I enjoy personally. I frequently contribute to the Nerd Louisville blog, a non-profit whom I volunteer with, and to other online publications that focus on nerd culture and gaming. Yes, this is a side-hustle for me, and it’s also a way for me to give value back to my communities.

Nerd culture is now popularized with Marvel’s massively successful series of superhero blockbusters and the return of Star Wars to the cinema and cultural zeitgeist. I’ve always been a proud nerd, as you might have gathered from my social media handle: @UXcelsior. I’m constantly excited by the expansion of this once niche culture, including the popularization of tabletop gaming. Being part of a local non-profit dedicated to that culture is amazing. Not only do I get to celebrate my passions, I also get to connect and engage face-to-face with the community that I’m helping to grow online using content strategy, SEO, UX design, and writing.

Today I invite you check out my recently published articles on nerd/geek culture, video games, and tabletop gaming. These are the topics I’m most passionate about, and I believe that passion translates to great content.



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